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  • Just install Firefox. WebGL is enabled by default in Firefox 4 and newer versions.
  • If you do not get WebGL, the most likely reason is that your graphics driver is blocked. Updating it will typically solve the problem. That page also explains how to force-enable WebGL if necessary. If that still doesn't work, that probably means that your hardware or driver is not OpenGL 2.1/Direct3D 9/OpenGL ES 2.0 capable.
  • Troubleshooting information can be found on the about:support page in Firefox.
  • Software rendering can be used through OSMesa (off-screen Mesa), by setting the "webgl.osmesalib" variable to point to the OSMesa shared library. That is typically on Linux, OSMESA32.DLL on Windows, etc.


  • Context name: experimental-webgl
  • See bug list for known open issues

Reporting Bugs

Please use Mozilla's Bugzilla for reporting bugs in the Firefox WebGL implementation.