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[Public WebGL] Framebuffer Fetch

Hi all,

 I noticed back in May there was a request and some motion to have
framebuffer_fetch for WebGL1. I very much want that too, especially
for mobile.

 However, the current pull request is a cut down version that does not
address some of the subtleties related to framebuffer fetch, much less
WebGL2 support.

 I would like to first have a little discussion of just wrapping
entirety of the GL/GLES extension at
into a WebGL extension; it addresses the interaction with MSAA (namely
fetch + MSAA essentially becomes SSAA). In addition, it also gives the
non-coherent version, GL_EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch_non_coherent,
which provides the function FramebufferFetchBarrierEXT which would
allow for desktop parts to be supported by a browser via the core
GL4.x functionality glTextureBarrier() for non-MSAA support.

If I can get interest, i.e. progress to community approved status, I
might be able to convince my employer to contribute to ANGLE to have
this extension (on desktop GL directly if the underlying hardware has
it or atleast the non-coherent version mapping to texture barrier

Let the messages begin, I hope. I would like to start with that on
WebGL that supporting framebuffer-fetch would be first limited to just
non-MSAA render targets.

Best Regards,

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