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Re: [Public WebGL] Rendering to HDR displays (10bits per color component)

Yes! There's work underway to support an HDR back buffer for the WebGL rendering context. The current proposed API is here:

Color spaces and profiles are a complex topic (and I'm no expert) but my understanding is that the initial switch is to be able to allocate a float16 back buffer for WebGL. The browser will then assume responsibility for presenting that to the screen. The colorspace will, I think, be extended sRGB.

I've heard from a co-worker who's actively working in this area that they have HDR output coming out of WebGL on an HDR monitor.

Not sure of the standardization / shipment status of this. To understand the current status in Chrome, please sign up for this group and post to it:


On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 2:48 AM Javi Agenjo <javi.agenjo@gmail.com> wrote:

Now that Chrome supports HDR video rendering (in Windows 10) with 10bits per color (using the VP9 Profile 2 10-bit) I was wondering if there would be any changes that we can instantiate a WebGL Context that has more than 8bits per color component, now that HDR displays are starting to roll out commercially.

Sorry if this topic has been brought before or if this feature is already supported, but I did my research and couldnt find anything.