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RE: [Public WebGL] WebGL BOF at SIGGRAPH

We brought WebVR support to Aquarium, which might be a good showcase that WebGL can well back some new technologies, like WebVR. Internally, we even have this as WebVR benchmark for performance tracking.

The first version already landed upstream (http://webglsamples.org/aquarium-vr/aquarium-vr.html) with basic functions ready, and we have some ideas to enhance it further in following weeks. Now you can play with it within any browsers supporting WebVR, like FireFox, Android Chrome, Desktop Chrome on WebVR experimental branch, etc.





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WebGL community,


Khronos will be hosting the WebGL Birds of a Feather session at SIGGRAPH this year on Wednesday, August 2 at 1:00 PM. We'll discuss the shipment of WebGL 2.0 this year, how it's already being used, and what's coming next!


If you have a brief demo you'd like to show, please email us!


Looking forward to seeing you at the event!