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[Public WebGL] Some statistical oddities

I was reviewing some statistics on WebGL Stats and came across some odd things.

Falling WebGL 1 support on Apple desktop machines in Chrome

WebGL 1 Support on OSX is faltering, but only on Chrome: http://webglstats.com/?platforms=000000000004000000

Inline image 1

It's also in decline on MacOS: http://webglstats.com/?platforms=000000000000002000

Inline image 3

Firefox doesn't have this issue OSX: http://webglstats.com/?platforms=000000008000000000

Inline image 2

WebGL 2 support level for a single UA on Windows seems low

Looking at the WebGL2 support levels I've noticed that for instance for Chrome on Windows it topped out at 69% and has stayed that way for months; http://webglstats.com/?platforms=000002000000000000

Inline image 4

The same is true for Firefox on Windows: http://webglstats.com/?platforms=000004000000000000

Inline image 5

I'd be cool if UA vendors could enlighten us what's keeping WebGL2 support back there.