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Re: [Public WebGL] async shader compiliation

On Mar 2, 2017, at 1:41, Maksims Mihejevs <max@playcanvas.com> wrote:

What is interesting, that on Android, compilation takes a bit longer than linking. When on Desktop Linux and Windows compilation is 3-10 times faster than linking. Although old Mac Book and iMac linking is way faster than compilation, although their fill-rate capabilities are poor. Is Apple doing GLSL compilation better?

It is difficult to compare. I know of at least 1 OpenGL ES 2.0 implementation where “compilation” consists of making a copy of the shader source. Everything else is done at link time. I have no idea if the same is true of the vendor’s OpenGL ES 3 implementation. (The vendor is not one of the ones you tested.) I think the only way to make a valid comparison between implementations is to compare the sum of compile and link times.



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