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[Public WebGL] Reject WEBGL_compressed_texture_atc?


I'd like to propose that we reject the WEBGL_compressed_texture_atc extension.

Apparently it was widely supported at the time the extension was created, but it looks like now it is no longer available on AMD (according to the OpenGL capabilities database & on my own machine) making it only possible to implement on Qualcomm devices. Since there are other, newer compressed texture formats available on Qualcomm, this extension seems pretty useless.

The AMD_compressed_ATC_texture spec is very old and underspecified. This is creating quite a bit of maintenance work for the conformance tests and browsers - the tests fail currently on Qualcomm (the only platform where they're available), despite Qualcomm seeming to conform to the underspecified spec.

Are there any objections to rejecting this extension?

Chrome WebGL

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