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Re: [Public WebGL] Re: WEBGL_get_buffer_sub_data_async

Below is my rationale for arguing strictly against cutting mapBufferRange out from the standard nearly 2 years ago.

On Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 11:13 PM, Florian Bösch <pyalot@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm strictly against recasting core functionality as an extension. It's unprecedented and in my opinion not user friendly. I'm also strictly against dropping core functionality. Even if it's inconvenient not to drop it. I'm against it because it means you're not producing an ES 3.0 compatible implementation. That creates all sorts of issues, among them issues for people who transpile to it, and issues for what "a khronos ratification" means for an implementation as well as issues for what you'll do in future revisions of the specification.

It's easy to see how such a bifurcation of the specifications will lead to WebGL being a completely distinct variant of GL from either Desktop GL and ES.

I made some predictions there which have come true:
I'd wish I wasn't the one who has to tell you "told you so".