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Re: [Public WebGL] EXT_shader_texture_lod in WebGL2?

source = source.replace(/textureCubeLodExt/g, 'textureCubeLod')

Most serious WebGL code usually does some serious preprocessing on the shaders before submitting them, I'm guessing yours is no different. There's various glsl parsers and the like you use to do this properly.

On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 4:46 PM, Jukka Jylänki <jujjyl@gmail.com> wrote:
Does anyone know if there was any fundamental reason to not advertise EXT_shader_texture_lod anymore in WebGL 2, or was it just a "oh, that's in core now so no need to have it present anymore" type of thought?

GL/ES and WebGL have slightly different philosophies. In WebGL1, you cannot use any of the ES 1.0 fixed function functionality, it's essentially ES 2.0 core without the gunk. It stems from an observation of the horrid nature of the usual fare of oldschool/newschool mixed GL code find floating about, and how that's been a drain on GL.  This philosophy of cleaning things up has carried on to WebGL 2 by not exposing extensions for which there is now core functionality, in the hope not to produce a horrible oldschool/newschool mix of WebGL code.