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[Public WebGL] RE: WEBGL_multiview discussion

There’s been some discussion on GitHub, though the extension hasn’t been publicized much on the mailing list:





More feedback is welcome. Some open questions that are currently up for consideration are:


1. Why not just enable WEBGL_multiview extension automatically when a stereo canvas is requested? Support for stereo canvas requires core spec changes either way. The biggest hurdle for this I see is that WEBGL_multiview requires layout qualifiers, which do not exist in core WebGL 1.0 shaders, so it would be a bad fit for WebGL 1.0.

2. Should drawing commands that don’t use multiview shaders be compatible with choosing both default framebuffer draw buffers with gl.BACK? This could be done similarly for clears as well.


Prototyping the extension is also in progress, with some support already added in ANGLE – the spec is only a small part of the overall work, and writing the implementations is expected to take more time. Prototyping the extension will also inform further changes to the spec.


Cheers, Olli


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This extension https://www.khronos.org/registry/webgl/extensions/proposals/WEBGL_multiview/ has been posted in December 2016 by Olli Etuaho and no discussion has occured on it so far.


I'll suggest everybody take a look at it and hope we can move this to Draft as soon as possible.