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Re: [Public WebGL] Support precompiled shaders as extensions

Florian, thanks for answer, here is more questions on that:
Does it mean that WebGL is not friendly to web assembly at all ? 
... However FFI like code for WebGL bindings exists and is used by Unity3D and UE4 through emscripten.

Can I use this "FFI like code for WebGL binding" 
  - in a JS app ? 
  - how to get the integer handle so then I can use it in asm-JS app (emscripten output) ?

Where can I see sample source code ?
Web Assembly is a bit more flexible and well defined than asm.js, so managing the returned webgl objects might be a bit easier there. 

As far as I understand WebAsm, there I can only use integers, there is no pointer to a _javascript_Object possible, am I wrong ?

Is there a sample using WebGL from within web-assembly ?