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[Public WebGL] Promote ASTC extension to community approved now ?

Can we promote ASTC extension to "community approved"  ?
For webgl 1 and webgl2 alike ?

Our internal tests at sketchfab shows ASTC is the clear winner between all the texture compression formats on webgl.

It allows to solve transport over HTTP and GPU compression at once, with variable rate, best quality results including normal map, patent-free, hdr, ldr, etc...
Here for nearly same conclusions and pictures https://developer.nvidia.com/astc-texture-compression-for-game-assets 

Now would be a good time as HW support on mobile is definitely on the rise http://opengles.gpuinfo.org/gles_listreports.php?extension=GL_KHR_texture_compression_astc_ldr 

And Hopefully HW GPU vendor would agree to push it to desktop GPU that would be very great, as it would give a single One Format To Rule Them All.
(gpu ALU does grows fast, but VRAM bandwidth speed doesn't...)