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[Public WebGL] Backward-compatibility break for WebGL 2: getBufferSubData

In short: getBufferSubData now takes an ArrayBufferView, not an ArrayBuffer.

In PR 1940[1], we modified a bunch of function signatures to allow for
establishing views into ranges of ArrayBufferViews without requiring
generation of new JS objects. Generally, most entry points that
previously took an ArrayBufferView were amended to specify an optional
offset into the view, and, where applicable, an override for the
length of the range in the view.

Also, entry points which previously took ArrayBuffers were modified to
instead take ArrayBufferViews. (NB: ArrayBufferViews can be backed by
SharedArrayBuffers, as well) ArrayBufferViews are more flexible and
forward-compatible, and it is trivial to lazily generate an extra
ArrayBufferView for an ArrayBuffer in a wrapper to getBufferSubData,
if desired.

[1]: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/WebGL/pull/1940

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