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[Public WebGL] Queries in WebGL 2.0

I didn't follow any public discussion of this feature but ... I'm already seeing people posting bad code which will just keep propagating forever

Example from SO

var query = gl.createQuery();
gl.beginQuery(gl.ANY_SAMPLES_PASSED, query);
// ... draw a small quad at the specified 3d position ...
// some time later, typically a few frames later (after a fraction of a second)
gl.getQueryParameter(query, gl.QUERY_RESULT);

Shouldn't the spec require correct behavior? Basically you have to call 

     gl.getQueryParameter(query, gl.QUERY_RESULT_AVAILABLE)

and it has to return true or

     gl.getQueryParameter(query, gl.QUERY_RESULT);

should generate INVALID_OPERATION

I suppose that doesn't really fix the issue because people can just put

     gl.getQueryParameter(query, gl.QUERY_RESULT_AVAILABLE)   // ignore result and pray
     gl.getQueryParameter(query, gl.QUERY_RESULT)

If WebGL 2 is supposed to be an API that works everywhere shouldn't the API at least try to help people not write code that won't actually work everywhere?