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[Public WebGL] Systemic WebGL extension issue on new mobiles?

I have observed a fairly odd behavior between a Nexus 4 (android 5.1.1) and a Samsung Galaxy s7 (android 6.0.1).

Both support a number of WebGL extensions, but these extensions are not supported by the Samsung Galaxy s7:
This is odd because the Samsung Galaxy S7 is an OpenGL ES 3.1 compatible device, and single/half floating point use, filtering and rendering to is part of OpenGL ES 3.1 core behavior.

I did notice that no floating point extensions are offered by the native OpenGL ES 3.1 context (which makes sense, because why would you offer something as an extension you support in core functionality).

Is it possible that WebGL contexts do not offer some extensions they do not get native extension support for (and do not emulate them via core functionality)?

If so, I believe we are in quite a bit of a pickle, because WebGL2 is nowhere near release/support in numbers, but extensions will "vanish" on more modern devices. So effectively WebGL 1 now becomes less usable on newer devices. I believe this to be highly counter-intuitive.