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[Public WebGL] Re: WEBGL_debug_renderer survey

Relaying response from Ben Adams:

Q1: Do you use this extension currently? no

Q2: Do you plan on using the extension in the future? yes

Q3: Should UAs implement the extension? yes

Q4: Can you briefly describe your use (or planned use)?

  • User issue diagnostics; details for vendor bug reports; workarounds
  • Device performance detection (recommended/default effect level choices)
  • Issues with Higher DPI vs GPU power; resolution has increased but installed GPUs power hasn't always matched.
  • Feature detection doesn't always equate to a good user experience; just because a device can do things, switching everything on many result in a poor experience; interfere with networking etc.
  • Association settings suggestion; rather than lengthy setup benchmarking (e.g. 60% of people with this GPU use these settings)

Q5: If any, Your affiliation? (website, service, company or whatever describes you best) Co-Founder & CTO, Illyriad Games, www.ageofascent.com