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[Public WebGL] How to dive into http://webglstats.com WebGL adoption rate?

Hi all,

the "Visitors who have WebGL" rating at http://webglstats.com shows that 83.1% of tracked users have "webgl" and 9.5% have "experimental-webgl", with a total of 92.6% adoption.

Is there a way to cross reference these numbers against OS and browser and their versions? I am trying to answer the following questions:
   - which browsers were the experimental-webgl people on?
   - why don't the remaining 7.4% of people have webgl? What were the browser version and OS version distribution on these unsupported browsers? How much of the unsupportion was due to user remaining on old browser version and not having updated? Which browsers were these?
   - how much of unsupportion is due to driver having been blacklisted (due to a bug), and how much of it was due to user running hardware that just does not have the support?

Does there exist statistics to make conclusions about the above?