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[Public WebGL] Re: WEBGL_debug_renderer survey

Relaying response from Jeff Russell:

Q1: Do you use this extension currently?

Q2: Do you plan on using the extension in the future?
"No", in that I have no direct plans, but "probably" in that future development might need it.

Q3: Should Browsers implement the extension?

Q4: Can you briefly describe your use (or planned use)?
Might be useful at times to predict performance or turn off certain features to dodge driver bugs.
To be honest though, things like video memory size might be even more useful to know, or even
better yet, upper ceilings for memory in general on mobile platforms (this has been a big headache for us).
I'm well aware these sorts of requests go against the grain of web dev thinking today though, particularly
as it relates to security and user identification.

Q5: Your affiliation? (website, service, company or whatever describes you best)
I'm a founding member of Marmoset - http://www.marmoset.co.