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[Public WebGL] Re: WEBGL_debug_renderer survey

Relaying response from Xavier:

Q1: No, I do not use this extension. My current projects are :
- An industrial application which will run on powerfull desktop computers,
- An experimental GPU neural network, but it is too early to make it working on every setup,
- A 3D viewer for furnitures which leather or fabric like armchairs or couches, but it is clearly written in the specs that it should work with recent enough devices.
So I do not need a really accurate detection of the user setup.

Q2 : No, I do not plan to use this extension in the future. GPU vendors should provide webgl compliant drivers. With Nvidia or Intel under Linux, I have not any problem. Compatibility problems occurs with mac, mobile, or windows, and they are always caused by a faulty driver implementation. IMHO the webgl developper needs to detect Webgl capabilities (max texture size, max texture units, max framebuffers, etc...) to fit its application with the user setup, and that's all. It the user have outdated drivers, bad graphic hardware, we do not have to detect which is exactly its hardware to make exceptions.

And I think this is not a good thing for the user privacy. It we detect the GPU vendor, the browser name and version, the gamepad and audio capabilities, the screen device and resolution, etc... We can have a lot of technical information about the user. It makes easier to track the user.

Q3 : No I do not think. And there are so many nice features and extensions which should be great to add to WebGL ! For example  GL_ARB_gpu_shader_fp64, it would be great for my neural network :)

Q4 : -

Q5 :
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