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Re: [Public WebGL] Can the browser tell the user why webGL has failed to start?

We had a discussion about the topic of user messages in relation to blacklisting in March 2012: https://www.khronos.org/webgl/public-mailing-list/archives/1203/msg00013.php which also discussed a lot more issues that can crop up.

I can't summarize the whole discussion but here's the gist of the problem, you need to accurately identify why WebGL is not available, and then you need to devise an accurate actionable message to the user. These are two seperate things, for instance:
The action can be frustrated for other reasons. For instance it is possible the UA ships a blacklist that blocks a driver due to a bug that a GPU vendor shipped. In the time that the very latest driver is blacklisted and the GPU vendor devises a better driver and propagates it to users, "updating the driver" is not a very helpful message. For this, a UA would have to know about if a driver is available for a user in the first place.

The discussion in March ended without the Khronos WebGL WG taking any action and without further discussion up until today.

Maybe the first problem to figure out is how not to do that.