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[Public WebGL] Can the browser tell the user why webGL has failed to start?

I am working on a webGL game, sometimes when I demo it on a user's computer the webGL does not work (fails to create context). It would be nice to know why. Is it incompatible graphics card? Black listed OS, drivers, bios? Is it disabled in the settings? Is it some sort of underlaying openGL error?

I realize that exposing this to me as a programming might be a bad idea, leaking information it shouldn't have... although I disagree... I understand the fear. But can't we display that to a user? So that they can trouble shoot their own issue? So that they don't blame me saying: "Shouldn't have used webGL, Unity is better", "Write a real game in C++", "Browser will never be a medium for real games"... Instead oh, my drivers are not up to date, oh my WaterFox has it disabled, webGL driver caused an error restart computer... At least some sort of debug flag that can help trouble shooting it during demos.

Automated way would be nice, but there is also no real manual way to trouble shoot it either. My checklist is:
1. WebGL failed to create context.
2. Restart computer. (clear any bad graphics hardware state)
3. Check for browser updates. 
4. Check for graphics chard drivers updates.
5. Disable extensions like Adblock, try incognito mode.

Thats it? Where would I check if the graphics card/os combo is black listed? Is there any debug flag that can tell me why webGL is failing?

- Andre von Houck