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[Public WebGL] Presenting WebGLStudio

Hi everyone:

My name is Javi Agenjo, I work at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, I'm a WebGL Developer. Over the last three years I've been coding an Open Source 3D Online editor from scratch using JS+WebGL inspired by Cinema4D and Unity. My goal is to create a flexible tool to test algorithms or create interactive applications. An environment that allows to configure every step of the rendering process with a WYSIWYG interface.

You can test it and see videos at http://webglstudio.org (the name is just a placeholder while I think a better one)

Right now the tool is very mature and almost ready to be used in production, the last months I've been just solving bugs and cleaning up the interface.

Encouraged by Kenneth Russell I decided to share it here so you all could give me some feedback. I've been coding this application all by myself for too long and I dont want to lose focus.

Ken asked me why is it different from existing editors, here is a list with some of the features that I think make it worthy to give it a try:

- Component based Scene Graph (plug components or remove them, very easy to create new ones, even the interface is generated automatically)
- Robust render engine: Shadowmaps for omni lights, realtime spherical reflections, multiple cameras.
- Mesh Painter for any texture layer.
- Collada importer
- Coding pad (for behaviour and shaders)
- Graph editor (for postFX and behaviour)
- Bone animation (morph targets on the way)
- Timeline keyframes editor for animating any property (even the ones created from scripts inside the editor).
- Virtual File System that allows drag and drop files from your HD to the server with shared folders, quotas and thumbnails.
- Prefabs, Material library, Binary file formats,...
- Very clean API with documentation
- Source code separated in libraries (low-level, rendering engine, graphs, gui and editor) all in their own github repository.

I beg you to give it a try and give me some feedback so I can improve it and share it with the community.

Just visit http://webglstudio.org/ and try it at http://webglstudio.org/demo/

Thanks in advance.