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RE: [Public WebGL] IE extension tickets

Microsoft values the importance of getting everyone current with the latest version of the platform.  It’s better for us as well as for you.  With Windows 10, we’re going to make upgrading be as painless as possible for as many people as we can. However, there will be people who won’t upgrade for business reasons, or because their computer is too old or because they just don’t want to. We don’t have a magic wand that zaps away old browsers, unfortunately. L


In the meantime, we will continue to improve Microsoft Edge.


From: Florian Bösch [mailto:pyalot@gmail.com]
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To: Rafael Cintron
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I'm sure you'll agree that I can't consider a feature implemented till you managed to effectively retire the software you've EOLed for all intends and purposes. It's perhaps for the best that IE11 has never reached the market share that 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 did, for it'll be quicker to retire (at least in theory). Although 8, 9 and 10 still hold more than 2% market share each with no sign of going the way of 6 or 7 anytime soon.