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Re: [Public WebGL] shader compilation hangs/crashes

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 1:46 AM, Kenneth Russell <kbr@google.com> wrote:
It's not a fair statement to say that UAs don't care about shader
compilation issues. On the contrary, many of the tests in the WebGL
conformance suite came from developers who ran into shader compilation
or evaluation problems on one platform or another. Wherever possible,
workarounds have been added to implementations, and these reports have
often resulted in bug fixes to the graphics drivers.
Having contributed one of these tests I have to say that's not entirely true. I had to have long, long discussions with you and others about getting that conformance suite in and the main reason to reject it was basically "well, you can't expect the implementations to gracefully deal with just any shader" (maybe not those exact words, but that's how I remember that).

The problem also went ignored for quite a while till sites like shadertoy became the butt of the joke on reddit for instance. Everybody on #webgl on freenode frequently experiences crashes on shadertoy. It's quite an obvious problem.
It is impossible for the browser to detect all shader compilation and
execution problems ahead of time, but where it can, we will try to.
How about crawling the top 1000 shaders on shadertoy in the categories popular and new and running it automated trough on your testfarm? That should give you a pretty good "ahead of time" warning if stuff's broken.