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[Public WebGL] Re: PSA: fullscreen only over HTTPS

I have polled a client of mine which has a small web property that contains a WebGL widget which does include a fullscreen button.

Here is what I wrote that client:

I'd like to inform you that it's likely that the fullscreen button will break in google chrome and firefox in the forseeable future (mid 2015-2016). For security reasons browsers want to disable fullscreen if you are not serving the website over HTTPS.
Starting mid 2015 a new SSL Certificate Authority will offer free certificates (https://letsencrypt.org/)
Do you think you could host your site over HTTPS to prevent the fullscreen button breaking? If required, I could also remove the fullscreen button.

The clients response below:

I appreciate the heads up.  
Redesigning our site to use HTTPS is probably possible but I currently do not have time and resources to undertake that task.
Would it be possible to let me know when you get the information that the first production Chrome or Firefox is released?  At that time I can certainly disable the fullscreen function myself as this is real easy to do in your .js file.

I quote this conversion because precisely this scenario is what is going to play out across countless web properties once fullscreen is put behind HTTPS.

The practice will be that some features can just not be used anymore. That's all there is to it.