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[Public WebGL] PSA: fullscreen only over HTTPS

Both google and mozilla are planning a coercion scheme whereby "new features" are withheld from sites that don't implement HTTPS.

One of these features planned to be withheld is fullscreen and pointerlock. 

This is a public service message that i the near future if you are using these features, you will now have to pay to unlock those features (at your SSL CA of convenience), and also please stop using any servers or hosters that don't support TLS for whatever reason. Please also stop using any runtime environments/languages which do not have a complete TLS implementation (with all its bewildering cyphersuite variety).

Wildcard (multi domain, multi server) certificates start at $10'000/year from verisign. A single domain/host cert will usually cost you around $30-$100/year. A free (as in beer) CA is planned to go life mid-year. It's anybodies guess if that will happen at all (or if they'll get torpedoed by the existing CAs who would see their business collapse) or if they'll issue wildcard certificates. On any account, it will be hosted on US soil and so will have to comply to any C&D, DMCA takedown request etc. that will be whimsically issued to them.