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[Public WebGL] Experiemental WebGL 2.0 implementation available in Chrome Canary

We're excited to announce that as of today you can begin experimenting with WebGL 2.0 on Windows, Mac, and Linux Chrome Canary or Chromium builds. The process for accessing the feature is described on the Khronos Wiki "Getting a WebGL Implementation" page, but the basic idea is:
If you want to test that it's working you can visitĀ http://toji.github.io/webgl2-particles/ The particle cloud will spell "WebGL 2" if you are using a WebGL 2 implementation, and use the new transform feedback feature to drive the particles!

Please note that this is definitely a work-in-progress an there are some features, such as 3D textures, that we know simply don't work right now. The implementation also lacks a lot of the basic validation that we will eventually need to put in place before making the API more widely available. We want to start getting developer feedback right away, though, so that we can respond to concerns about performance, features, security, compatibility, or the general API early in the development cycle.

If/when you find bugs please report them at http://crbug.com, and make sure you attach the contents of your system's about:gpu page and, when possible, a minimal reproduction of the problem.

We've consistently been blown away by the creativity and talent of the WebGL community, and we can't wait to see what you do with these new features!

--The Chrome WebGL teamĀ