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Re: [Public WebGL] Latest Chrome Render to Cubemap bug?

On Jan 27, 2015, at 6:34 AM, Mathew Henson <mat@webinate.net> wrote:

I found the same thing recently. Both Chrome and Firefox were having issues for me. On Firefox an error was being displayed as:

"Error: WebGL: A texture is going to be rendered as if it were black, as per the OpenGL ES 2.0.24 spec section 3.8.2, because it is a cube map texture, with a minification filter requiring a mipmap, and is not mipmap cube complete (as defined in section 3.7.10)."

So I changed the cube texture to use mip maps and it worked again. Not sure if this is related to your problem but the symtoms, and timing, are the same for me. The spec mentioned above seemed to suggest it should break if the min filter requires mipmaps and there are none setup (which makes sense - but seems incorrect as my previous setup was linear filtering without mipmap generation)

While the error message accurately quotes the spec requirements, Firefox has a tendency to generate these messages prematurely (i.e. before any attempt to draw). See Bug 985316 at Mozilla. So there may or may not be a problem in the application.



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