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[Public WebGL] Re: extensions status

A summarized update on the status of extensions:

Uknown status:

* EXT_color_buffer_half_float (draft)
* WEBGL_color_buffer_float (community approved)
* WEBGL_compressed_texture_es3 (community approved)


* WEBGL_draw_elements_no_range_check (was proposal)
* WEBGL_debug_shader_precision (was proposal)
* WEBGL_texture_from_depth_video (was proposal)

Under discussion:

* WEBGL_dynamic_texture (proposal)
* WEBGL_subscribe_uniform (proposal)

Resolved to keep and no immediate action taken (candidates community approved when implementations emerge, or rejected if implementations prove impossible)

* EXT_disjoint_timer_query (draft)
* EXT_color_buffer_float (draft)
* WEBGL_shared_resources (draft)
* WEBGL_security_sensitive_resources (draft)