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[Public WebGL] Latest Chrome Render to Cubemap bug?

Hi everyone:

Sorry if this is not the propper place to comment this but since the latest Chrome update (40.0.2214.91 m)  in windows the rendering to FBO using TEXTURE_CUBE_MAP has stopped working (sometimes it works with strange flickering). In OSX works fine as in Firefox.

A product of mine already in production that was working perfectly has stopped working.
Check it here:
http://tamats.com/games/bwr/  (the skydome is pre-rendered to a cubemap using Florian approach to save performance).

Has anybody experienced the same problem? I have created a simple demo of the bug but I cannot find the place to report bugs for webgl in chrome (only for Chromium).
Which is the official way to face this kinds of problems?

Thanks in advance.