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[Public WebGL] lone platforms without any webgl implementation

WebGL has made great strides in the last 2 years and reached every major platform. It is now available on all desktop platforms and all mobile platforms, and it's on track to comprehensive activation coverage in the next 2 years. It is even found on some mobile gaming devices like the Nvidia shield devices.

Sadly there are platforms that run modern browsers but do not have any WebGL support yet:
Speaking from personal experience with the Playstation 4, a lack of WebGL isn't the only problem this platform has for the web, it has a number of other deficiencies such as:
It's clear that the allure of the web has forced every internet connected device to offer better browser support, and in defense it has to be said that the browsers on these devices have made great progress from their previous versions. But at the same time it has to be said that these devices are still way behind the capabilities of other platforms.

I would like to see this gap close, and I'd encourage the responsible parties to work towards that goal harder.