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Re: [Public WebGL] getShaderInfoLog/getProgramInfoLog format specification

I would please ask that we not have arguments where I consistently reason with logic and facts and have to re-iterate a single obvious point again and again. I'm using WebGL every day of my life, for a living, for the last couple of years. I come here because I have real world concerns, affecting my real world life, serving real world customers, which I make in the real world with using what this standard group cobbles together. Maybe not everything is a world-changing problem like mythical WebGL 2 or how to get enough resources to do everything you should (HR-miracles, or something). But that doesn't mean they're not problems. Every single person I've asked about this agrees that a standard format is a good idea.

So please, with sugar on top, stop arguing with nonsense against something we all agree is a good idea. Since we all agree it's a good idea, we can instead do something productive like discussing how to do it best so that it gets done eventually.

And the one single I never ever want to hear ever again, ever, ever, is how you should concentrate on different things because something you agree is a good idea would distract from something more important.