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Re: [Public WebGL] getShaderInfoLog/getProgramInfoLog format specification

On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 9:48 AM, Gregg Tavares <khronos@greggman.com> wrote:
They're completely relevant. There's a finite amount of resources. You have to decide where to spend them. GL hasn't had a standard for error messages for 22 years yet somehow it's doing just fine so this certainly doesn't seem like a priority for resources. 
The modern use of shaders was intially conceived by Pixar in Renderman in 1988. But in actual use they only made their way to standards in 2004, so 10 years ago, and their use and sophistication has been on the rise ever since. 
Epic, Id, Crtek, Autodesk, etc haven't been clamoring for this feature in OpenGL so why is it needed in WebGL?
Have you asked them if they'd wanted a standard error feature? I haven't, but I'm pretty sure that if you asked, they'd say yes.
I don't know our users would be happy if we did it. Going off stackoverflow I suspect most of them would never know anything existed because most of them can't even be bothered open the _javascript_ console and see if an error was even printed. It's highly unlikely they're going to write error parsers.
Ah a classic. Our users are dumb, what does it matter?
And again, YOU'RE THE ONE HALF-ASSiNG IT! You're asking for 13+ teams to waste time on this when you could probably solve your specific issue with 5 lines of JS regexes 
Ah another classic, why waste time defining something that should obviously defined when it'd be so much easier to accuse the messenger of being the source of the problem. See that's why I get tired of pointing out the bleedingly obvious quite often. You can't make people understand the obvious. It's a bloddy pain in the arse.
Great way to spend resources dude!
You're aware aren't you that we're talking about a standard right? Last I looked Googles HR-department didn't sit on the standards board or do they?