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Re: [Public WebGL] getShaderInfoLog/getProgramInfoLog format specification

We don't agree at all. I've got nothing "against" using whatever duct-tape and chickenwire is required to gap this problem, that's what I, and everybody else, is doing anyway. That's not a suggestion of how to solve this issue, this is a description of the status quo. That's what we do. I didn't come here to talk about chickenwire and duct-tape. Not at all.

What I point is that there is half a specification, this half specification, specifies delivery of line-numbers and file-numbers to the ESSL compiler (the #line directive). What I also point is that, this feature is specifically intended to ease debugging of shaders, that's how it's used by everybody. And finally, I point out how the return values of that API, which is both in theory and practice intended for machine consumption, is not standardized. And so conclude how this lack of agreement of the format is already an annoyance (because one vendor doesn't agree on the format and you've got to add some duct-tape and chickenwire to make it work), but that worse than that sometimes you get back completely unusable error message (which should obviously be fixed) and how both of these problems will not get any better in the future if there isn't a consensus reached. And the consensus is very simple:

Error info log messages are part of the API, intended for machine consumption.

This isn't a difficult realization to agree on, at all. It doesn't require 50+ messages. It's exceedingly obvious to anybody. And it's a complete mystery to me why I even have to talk about it.