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Re: [Public WebGL] getShaderInfoLog/getProgramInfoLog format specification

It's worth noting that similar problems exist with JS'es error.stack, but these are discussed in the es-discuss WG/ML.

This is how the error looks on: Linux Chrome/Firefox, Android Chrome Mobile, OSX Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari, iOS Safari, Windows Chrome/Firefox

ERROR: 0:170: 'dot' : no matching overloaded function found
ERROR: 0:178: 'textureEnv' : no matching overloaded function found 
ERROR: 0:174: 'return' : function return is not matching type: 
ERROR: 0:187: 'getShading' : no matching overloaded function found 
ERROR: 0:188: 'getShading' : no matching overloaded function found 
ERROR: 0:186: '=' :  cannot convert from 'const mediump float' to '3-component vector of float'

This is how it looks on Windows IE:

(170, 29): Invalid arguments passed to function 'dot'

There's already nearly a standard, except it's not spelled out, and some don't follow it. And it's perhaps a bit clumsy on style (it'd be preferable to deal with a structured format rather than a blob of text, but whatever).