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RE: [Public WebGL] IE11 wish list

Thank you for your feature request, John.  We will consider it for a future version.  Looks like Tibor might well beat us to it.  J


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Beginning of the month I started working on a glsl debugger in _javascript_.

The idea is to parse the shader and create a modified shader which returns the value of the variable the user wants to inspect.

There will be some delay before the shader is compiled and has run but this is typically a few seconds.

If the tool stores the compiled shaders and other state needed for the inspection, the turn around time should be nearly instantaneous.

The difficulties are the retrieval of all relevant info from the parse tree, but it should be possible.

I hope to demo something by the end of next month.






2014-11-12 10:20 GMT+01:00 John Davis <jdavis@pcprogramming.com>:

Any chance we can get a webgl shader debugger in IE11?