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Re: [Public WebGL] IE11

It'd be cool if there was a good issue tracker (ala bugzilla or code.google.com) for IE. CodePlex looks like it has a fairly good issue tracking system and it's Microsoft property. Maybe IE could use that to track issues. Another thing that other browsers do is release changelogs of what changed in which version. Popular are also release roadmaps/feature roadmaps (I think Microsoft had something like that).

On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 10:34 PM, Tibor Ouden, den <tibordenouden@gmail.com> wrote:
Frank, Rafael,

If you are interested in another test case : 
http://www.borbitsoft.com/ contains my attempt to create a PhysX / Havoc / Bullet equivalent in the browser.
(It is still in its early stages :-) )
All the heavy lifting is done by shaders on the gpu.
It contains some long shaders which currently are not digested by IE.
There should be a general issue on Microsoft Connect.
When I have some time I will create more specific issues.


2014-10-07 19:40 GMT+02:00 Rafael Cintron <Rafael.Cintron@microsoft.com>:

Hello Jukka.  Thank you very much for your feedback.


The IE build on the results page is not the latest released version.  You should re-run your benchmark with the latest released version available on Windows Update.


While IE has improved compared to where we once were, we are still not better than Chrome when you throw a large number of objects at the benchmark.  On an ATI FirePro V card, I get 23fps with 5000 objects on IE.  Chrome yields 30fps with the same workload.  There is definitely more work for us to do here.


If you find any more issues, please let myself or Frank know.




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Hi Frank,


I posted one such bug item about IE11 performance to connect.microsoft.com, but it was closed without action and later deleted. It was numbered 810215 and the title was "IE11 performance is worse than FF, Chrome or Opera in Emscripten WebGL benchmark.". At the time when I did the benchmarks, the results looked like this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40949268/emcc/10kCubes_benchmark/10kCubes_results_20130312.html . Perhaps things have changed since then. You can run the benchmark in one of the links on the page. Also, here is more recent interactive version of the same application: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40949268/emcc/10kCubes_vsync/10kCubes.html (It starts out with setTimeout(0)-based rendering, tap B once to get requestAnimationFrame-based rendering).


For your convenience, here is a zipped build of the interactive version: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40949268/emcc/10kCubes_vsync/10kCubes_vsync.zip .





2014-10-06 19:48 GMT+03:00 Frank Olivier <Frank.Olivier@microsoft.com>:


Wrt: “_javascript_ is still slower in IE11” – We’re very interested in scenarios where we can improve _javascript_ performance; if you can point us to scenarios, we’d appreciate it.