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Re: [Public WebGL] retrograde webgl support levels

I think you're doing a great job with webglstats.com and I check it regularly. But I did notice that most of the contributor sites are tech/early adopter related, or even directly WebGL related, which will probably bias your results towards users with high-end machines with latest drivers and WebGL-enabled browsers. As your visitor count starts reaching a broader audience you will probably start to see your numbers converge on more representative numbers of the wider install base, which is likely to be lower. So I think bugs aside some fall in numbers could be attributed solely to the audience you're reaching.

On 2 October 2014 07:29, Florian Bösch <pyalot@gmail.com> wrote:
After accessing the impact of adblocking (a loss of 25% to 50% of visitors) to the statistics, depending on demographic, I'm confident I can still derive statistically relevant information from webglstats which logged 7.5 million visitors last month, now also with the kind help of khronos.org, playcanvas.com and clara.io.

I have previously observed issues where singular platforms or browsers would flatline or decline in support levels. The following listing puts a spotlight on the problematic areas:
  • Windows Chrome: down 16% since August from 95% (range held for 2 years) to 78%. No other browser on this platform shows a similar trend.
  • OSX Safari: Support levels still low and not advancing, down 2.6% from 9.6% in July to 7% today.
  • Linux: A good summer of rallied support levels now hit a peak at 74% on all browsers for that platform.
  • Android Tablets: Every browser on this platform shows a stagnation and retreat in support levels with the exception of Chrome Mobile.
I'd also like to commend iOS support, which is now rapidly rising from zero to 41% on phones and 29% on tablets. I'm hopeful that this promising is sustained and support levels will plateau at substantial higher levels for this platform.