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[Public WebGL] webglstats adblocked

As I've recently found out, webglstats (like google analytics) is being blocked by adblockers.

Adblock/Plus'es privacy list (the same list used by virtually every other adblocker in existence) is blocking webglstats: https://easylist-downloads.adblockplus.org/easyprivacy.txt

Other adblockers like ublock have this list enabled by default.

These lists (and the few other lists like it) are mostly aggregations of the same source, and as such, the entire adblock industrial complex is completely in control of very few people (maybe a dozen, or less) who all collude with one another and are probably up to other unsavory practises.

This small self-elected cabal of anonymous, unaccountable, unsupervised people on the internet has become the gatekeeper of these blocklists.

Here is my correspondence with my particular block overlord: http://forums.lanik.us/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=17842

Aparts from this massive centralization of power in the hands of completely anonymous/unaccountable people, which would represent a dire threat to internet freedom as it is, this has some consequences for WebGL stats.

I will expect volumes of visitors to drop, and I will expect that the statistics get worse/less representable over time due to the dropped volume, and due to the bias introduced by this pre-filtering.

This is for me, a very sad development. I'm feeling angry, frustrated, helpless and out of options. It's nothing in my control. Every option I have considered is no improvement on the situation. I'm all out of ideas, but I do think that good statistics on WebGL are vital for the future development of the technology.

If anybody has anything workable to contribute at this point, on how to overcome this issue, please do.