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Re: [Public WebGL] ES 3.1 meaning for WebGL

I don't foresee 3.1 affecting WebGL 2 very much. The big open question is how quickly and comprehensively will existing 3.0 devices get the appropriate driver updates for 3.1 (shouldn't require new hardware). If mobile device trends hold I'm worried we'll see a lot of 3.0 capable devices that never get updated. We don't want to exclude those devices from using WebGL 2.

We can certainly look into streamlining some of the features as extensions though. And if 3.1 gets widespread adoption quickly it may be worth looking into a WebGL 2.1. Let's get some working 2.0 implementations out first, though :)

On Thursday, March 20, 2014, Florian Bösch <pyalot@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm sure this has been discussed in the private WG communications, but afaik there hasn't been a communication/discussion on this publicly.

The question is what ES 3.1 means for WebGL?
  • Scenario #1: ES 3.0 -> WebGL 2.0, ES 3.1 -> WebGL 2.1?
  • Scenario #2: ES 3.1 -> WebGL 2.0?
  • Scenario #3: ES 3.0 -> WebGL 2.0, ES 3.1 -> WebGL 3.0?
  • Scenario #4: ES 3.1 -> WebGL 2.0?
Also does it have any impact on a release schedule of WebGL 2.0?

Thanks for your thoughts.