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Re: [Public WebGL] Color reads from FBs with no ColorAttachment0

On 2014/02/13 11:19, Jeff Gilbert wrote:
I can't find any language in GLES or GL about ReadPixels generating an error when there's no ColorAttachment0 (or ColorAttachmentI with ReadBuffer) to read from.

Things that are mentioned:
* INVALID_OP if ReadPixels `type` is float-y and the source is not, or vice versa.
* INVALID_OP if ReadPixels `format` is DEPTH_COMPONENT, STENCIL_INDEX, or DEPTH_STENCIL and the source is missing any of the respective buffers.

However, depth-only FBs can be FRAMEBUFFER_COMPLETE, which throws a wrench in things.

The options:
* zero-fills
* [0,0,0,255]-fill (Chrome does this)
* INVALID_OPERATION (Firefox does this)

Thoughts? Maybe Mark or someone else knows more from the GL(ES) specs.
The omission was noted by the WG at some point and was fixed in OpenGL ES 3.0 which states

"ReadPixels generates an INVALID_OPERATION error if READ_-BUFFER is NONE or if the GL is using a framebuffer object (i.e. READ_-FRAMEBUFFER_BINDING is non-zero) and the read buffer selects an attachment that has no image attached."

So INVALID_OPERATION indeed is the right error to raise.

Not sure why the WG didn't fix the OpenGL ES 2.0 spec.



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