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[Public WebGL] File layout for conformance tests

    In relation to this issue :
    I want to add some conformance tests for constructors of the glsl data types.

    The tests I am going to add test the validity of constructor expressions which contain more argument components compared
    to the target data type, like :

    vec2 v2 = vec2(vec3); // valid
    vec2 v2 = vec2(float, vec3); // valid
    vec2 v2 = vec2(float, float, vec3); // invalid, none of the components of the last argument are used by the target type
    (See 5.4.2 Vector and Matrix Constructors in OpenGL ES Shading Language)
    There will be several tests for valid and invalid expressions.
    There will tests for all data types : vecx, ivecx, bvecx, matx; x : [2 - 4]
    I assume the tests will be put in :

    In the glsl directory there are the following directories :
    I think one file per data type make sence. But where should I put them ?
    For matrices there is already a directory, So I could put the matrix tests in that directory and create a new one : vectors and put the vector
    tests in that one.
    I am inclined to create a new directory : constructors, and put all tests in there.
    Otherways to layout the tests ?
    misc is always an option :-) 
    I would like to get some advice on the appropriate way to add these tests to the 
    conformance suite.
    Tibor den Ouden