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[Public WebGL] Inconsistency between bufferData() size parameter and getBufferParameter(gl.BUFFER_SIZE) return value types

Hi all,

gl.getBufferParameter(gl.BUFFER_SIZE) returns GLInt, whereas bufferData accepts GLSizeiptr for the size parameter. These types have different sizes in WebGL, and also on some of the underlying OpenGL platforms. Should this be addressed by making the return value 64-bit in WebGL? Then ES2-based implementations, where this error comes from, would just convert the 32-bit return value from ES2 to 64-bit for WebGL. WebGL 2.0 can solve this more easily, since it can use glGetBufferParameteri64v - my suggestion would be to just have one version of glGetBufferParameter also in WebGL 2.0 that returns a 64-bit value.

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