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[Public WebGL] WEBGL_depth_texture unspecified case: sampling from an uninitialized depth texture


WEBGL_depth_texture introduces a basic possibility that does not exist
in the core WebGL spec: the possibility of an uninitialized texture.

While uninitialized renderbuffers are only an implementation detail that
doesn't have any existence at the level of the WebGL spec, uninitialized
textures are different because they can be sampled from.

The question is what should the spec mandate implementations to do when
executing code like this:


It's not technically an INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION since the
uninitialized texture here is one we are sampling from, not one we are
rendering to. So should that be an INVALID_OPERATION?

Note: I'm running into this while implementing support for
WEBGL_depth_texture on clients supporting only ANGLE_depth_texture. I
understand that Chrome already supports that. I would like to know what
is Chrome's current behavior there.


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