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Re: [Public WebGL] Changing context attributes

We should get this 'for free' with the new DrawingBuffer stuff from the WebGL-in-Workers work.


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Subject: [Public WebGL] Changing context attributes

How difficult would it be for WebGL implementations to allow changing
context attributes on the fly?
There are some attributes like preserveDrawingBuffer or antialias that can
be expensive on some machines.  It's hard to determine ahead of time which
machines those are with the info available to javascript apps.  So it would
be nice to be able to turn off multisampling in mid-stream to see if that
made things better for a user.

Well-written applications already have to deal with context loss, so
changing the attributes could just trigger a context loss.

Without this, it seems that an app has no recourse but to tear down the
whole Canvas and restart everything, which may be difficult given that many
parts of the app may have access to the Canvas.  (At the very least they
have access to it via the .canvas property of the webgl context).

Any thoughts?


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