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Re: [Public WebGL] Defining GLintptr and GLsizeiptr as long long is incompatible with GLES2 on 32-bit systems

On 13-09-02 06:56 AM, Olli Etuaho wrote:
> Hi all,
> WebGL defines GLintptr and GLsizeiptr to always be 64-bit, but in GLES2 they can actually be either 32-bit or 64-bit depending on the platform. And in practice Chrome and Firefox treat for example bufferData GLsizeiptr size parameter as 32-bit (tested on latest 64-bit stable versions on Linux).

That sounds like an interesting bug, could you please provide a
testcase? I'm looking at Gecko code now, WebGLContext::BufferData takes
a WebGLintptr which is a typedef for int64_t, so I don't see a bug out
of hand.

>  It would seem like changing the spec to define pointer values as 32-bit would make sense for compatibility.

That would indeed improve compatibility by preventing taking advantage
of the extra memory available on 64-bit systems. But that's not really
how everything else works; everything else not just in WebGL but
generally around JavaScript allows taking advantage of all the memory
available on the client system, e.g. you can create a TypedArray bigger
than 4G.


>  The obvious downside is that buffers would be limited to 2GB, but this should not at least break existing applications. Any potential practical application of >2GB buffers in WebGL is still probably years away as well. Should the spec be changed, or are there any other ideas how this could be handled?
> Reference below.
> WebGL spec:
> typedef long long      GLintptr;
> typedef long long      GLsizeiptr;
> WebIDL spec:
> The long long type is a signed integer type that has values in the range [−9223372036854775808, 9223372036854775807]. 
> gl2.h:
> typedef khronos_intptr_t GLintptr;
> typedef khronos_ssize_t  GLsizeiptr;
> khrplatform.h (signed long int is typically 32-bit on 32-bit platforms, and typically 64-bit on 64-bit platforms):
> typedef signed   long  int     khronos_intptr_t;
> typedef signed   long  int     khronos_ssize_t;
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