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[Public WebGL] Required fragment shader uniforms in conformance tests

Hi all,

I was fixing some issues in glsl/misc/shader-uniform-packing-restrictions.html WebGL 1.0.2 conformance test, and I noticed that the minimum amount of required rows for fragment shader uniforms is peculiarly low, only 16. GLSL spec makes no distinction between fragment shaders and vertex shaders in this respect, so it is odd that 128 rows are required from vertex shaders but not from pixel shaders. Is this just an accidental oversight in the patch "Update shader uniform packing test to check vertex shaders.", where this originates, or is there some specific reason why the minimum amount was lowered so much? And should we raise the amount back up in 1.0.2 if it was changed accidentally, even though it makes the test more strict?
Regards, Olli Etuaho
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