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Re: [Public WebGL] Ancillary files

On 06/08/2013, at 11:04 AM, Kenneth Russell <kbr@google.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 2, 2013 at 12:14 PM, Dean Jackson <dino@apple.com> wrote:
>> On 03/08/2013, at 4:10 AM, Mark Callow <callow.mark@artspark.co.jp> wrote:
>> Seeing all the ancilliary files in the pull request, that result from
>> rebuilding the extension repository, reminds of something I've been meaning
>> to propose. Why don't we limit the Git repo to true source files (i.e. the
>> xml and xsl files and scripts, etc.) and have submissions trigger rebuilding
>> the extension repository. Nothing that results from the build should be
>> versioned in Git. It is unnecessary and tends to complicate gets and merges.
>> Yeah. That's a good suggestion.
> This is a good suggestion. The primary concern I have with making this
> change is that it will make the steps run on Khronos' servers after
> every git commit more complex. If a change to the repository causes
> those steps to fail -- or worse, requires them to be updated -- then
> manual intervention is needed, which is a major pain.
> It looks like a 'make clean' followed by a 'make' in the extensions
> directory should be robust, though. I'll ask Khronos' webmaster to add
> those steps to the update process. At that point it should be possible
> to delete the generated sources from the git repository.

Excellent. I'll prepare a branch/pull with these changes.

>> I'd like to fix up a few minor spec things similar to that:
>> - There are some spec snapshots of particular revisions. They could probably
>> be added as tags (although I'm not yet sure how much of the SVN history was
>> preserved)
> It should be safe to delete these snapshots at this point. They've
> been preserved elsewhere.

And another with these.

>> - The sections in the specification need named ids. At the moment the ids
>> are generated with a section number, which is fine except makes it more
>> likely an external
>> reference to a particular section will break.
> Yes. This is a significant problem. Any work in this area would be great.

And another, but this one will be my first priority.


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