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[Public WebGL] Ancillary files

On 03/08/2013, at 4:10 AM, Mark Callow <callow.mark@artspark.co.jp> wrote:

Seeing all the ancilliary files in the pull request, that result from rebuilding the extension repository, reminds of something I've been meaning to propose. Why don't we limit the Git repo to true source files (i.e. the xml and xsl files and scripts, etc.) and have submissions trigger rebuilding the extension repository. Nothing that results from the build should be versioned in Git. It is unnecessary and tends to complicate gets and merges.

Yeah. That's a good suggestion.

I'd like to fix up a few minor spec things similar to that:

- There are some spec snapshots of particular revisions. They could probably be added as tags (although I'm not yet sure how much of the SVN history was preserved)
- The sections in the specification need named ids. At the moment the ids are generated with a section number, which is fine except makes it more likely an external
reference to a particular section will break.