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[Public WebGL] Clara.io - Next-gen WebGL 3D content creation (we are at SIGGRAPH)

Hi all,

After nearly two years of development, Exocortex is pleased to
publicly announce Clara.io ( http://clara.io ), our next-generation 3D
content creation tool that runs within the web browser using commodity
technologies (JavaScript, HTML5 and of course WebGL.)  I really do
strongly believe that this type of technology is the future of the

Thanks for Kenneth Russell from this list for encouraging me to post
this here, letting us present an early version at the WebGL BOF last
year, and also thanks for early encouragement from Brandon Jones (who
saw a very early demo at a Mozilla event in Toronto last year.)

I won't spam the list with the full details but you can read about it
here, and see screenshots and apply for beta access:


More screenshots of other example scenes are available on our facebook page:


We will be presenting Clara.io both at our SIGGRAPH exhibitor booth
(#723) as well as in a Studio Session on Monday, July 22 @ 2PM.


Best regards,
Ben Houston
Voice: 613-762-4113 Skype: ben.exocortex Twitter: @exocortexcom
http://Exocortex.com - Passionate CG Software Professionals.

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